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Memphis, TN

"Corning Achievement Elementary is now offering free Pre-Kindergarten for 4 year olds! Contact the main office for details."

Our Beliefs


It is the mission of Corning Achievement Elementary School to drastically increase the number of Frayser students entering high quality high schools and four year universities equipped with astonishing academic and social habits ensuring college completion, career readiness, and service-oriented community leadership

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"At CAES we WALK the walk!"


Our school uses a curriculum centered on improving all students’ ability to read. At kindergarten, first and second grades, we ensure students learn to read so that at third, fourth, and fifth grades, students can read to learn. All of our students are expected to read multiple texts each day – and a variety of them – passages, excerpts, articles, books, novels, and more. Students read across all subject areas – reading/language arts, math, science and social studies – and in support classes, too. Our curriculum requires students to engage in discussion with each other about what they’re learning in all subjects, write about what they’re learning and question each other, their teachers and their texts to deepen their learning. Students are expected to complete homework each night, to practice what they’ve learned in class.

Blended learning
Blended Learning
Preparing our students for success in college includes technical literacy. Our students have access to the computer lab and laptops are used in all of our classrooms. We utilize adaptive learning software to perform diagnostics of our students and deliver content to them within their zone of proximal development.
Arts integration
Arts Integration
We have a partnership with the ABC Brooks program, and the Dixon Gallery. Our students' work has been displayed at both the Brooks Museum and Memphis College of Art.
Each week at Corning we have Pathways time, a time when students explore activities in which they might be interested. Some of the activities students can pursue include Chess, Boy Scouts, Girl Inc., Football, Basketball and Dance Team.
"At CAES we WALK the walk!"

Our Team

Danielle Harris


Stephanie Ramsey

Administrative Services Manager

April Freeman

Behavior Analyst

Kobra Wright

Teacher Assistant - Pre-Kindergarten

Gwendolyn Calleo

Teacher - Pre-Kindergarten

Janette Woods

Teacher - Kindergarten

Vanessa Lampkin

Teacher - Kindergarten

Amber Harris

Teacher - Second Grade

Nakeesha Davis-Weston

Teacher - First Grade

Erica Conley

Teacher - Third Grade

Gina Fosu

Teacher - Third Grade

Tara Garrett

Teacher - Fourth Grade

Darnella Bennett

Teacher - Second Grade

Randal Armstrong

Teacher - Fifth Grade

Dyanner Brown

Teacher - Creative Writing

Connie Spivey

Response to Intervention Coordinator - Computer Lab

Tempie Walker

Special Education Teacher

Renaldo Wilkes

"At CAES we WALK the walk!"


The Coyotes

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The Corning Coyotes are turning up the heat on education in Memphis, TN. Watch the climb the ladder to the top 25% of performing schools in TN.

Parent Testimonies

Parents tell us about what its like to have a school like Corning in their neighborhood.
"At CAES we WALK the walk!"